Jun 3, 2012

How .NET Works

Today, I will show how .NET works.

Understand .NET Framework Architecture
That is just a basic introduction for .NET, as for more details, please refer to two links I listed at last-I thought that can help everybody who want to know about .NET framework.
The .NET Framework has two components: the .NET Framework class library and the common language runtime.
The .NET Framework class library facilitates types (CTS) that are common to all .NET languages.
The common language runtime consists of (class loader) that load the IL code of a program into the runtime, which compiles the IL code into native code, and executes and manage the code to enforce security and type safety, and provide thread support.

 The simple introduction and the two pictures just help you to get a basic idea of how .NET works. Please check the two links I listed below.

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