Jun 4, 2012

Talking Several Language in or out .NET

According TIOBE Programming Community Index for May 2012. Below demonstrates the programming language rank in May 2012(Top 20 of them )
As we can see in the picture above, C and Java hold about 30% of the programming market and about twice of C++.
C and C++ 
The two language is quite used in tradition field, and changed little.

The quick rise of Java is due to Android development and shall continue to grow large.


This languge is primarily used to develop for Apple app.

C# ( VB.NET)

It is the language that used in .NET platform so that it can better exhibit its talent.

New language adoption appears to be much harder than expected. The main reason for this is probably that it is very difficult to migrate a large code base from one language to another one. So changes are slow. But even if we take this into account there are no new languages that show a slow but constant uprise.

So C#/VB.NET performs pretty better.

Generally speaking,C# is an Object Oriented Language , introduced in the .NET Framework. C# is a professional programming language and is very similar to C++ in many ways. We can implement the Object Oriented concepts like encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism in C# programming development .

C# is a Simple, Powerful , general-purpose and Type-Safe language also Case Sensitive . We can develop C# projects in Visual Studio Environment , a powerful tool-rich programming environment from Microsoft. We can create console based applications as well as windows based applications from C# environment. C# Coding style is very similar to C++ and JAVA , so the developers who are familiar with those languages can pick up C# coding quickly. That is the reason why I give all of examples in C#.NET.

VB.NET is another primary language used to program on the same environment as C#. Both languages are use the same framework and they both precompiled into the same byte code and then it is compiled and run at runtime. So we can say VB.NET and C# are functionally equivalent.

As for Java and C#,
They are two different Object Oriented Languages , both share some similarities and hold differences. The C# and JAVA derived from their own single ancestor Class "Object". All Classes in C# are descended from System.Object Class and in JAVA all classes are subclasses of java.lang.Object Class.

Both C# and JAVA have their own runtime environments . C# source codes are compiled to MSIL-Microsoft Intermediate Language and during the execution time runs it with the help of runtime environments - Common Language Runtime. Like that JAVA source codes are compiled to Java Byte Code and during the execution time runs it with the help of runtime environments - Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Both C# and JAVA supports native compilation via Just In Time compilers.

More over both C# and JAVA have their own Garbage Collector. In the case of keywords comparison some keywords are similar as well as some keywords are different also. The following are the examples of few similar and different keywords.

Similar Keywords examples
class , new , if , case , for , do , while , continue , int , char , double , null

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